Dreamline Of Yogyakarta City (Indrayanti Beach)

IMG_2584Name               : Nurholis

Major               : Mathematic

Faculty            : Science and Technology

Dreamline Of Yogyakarta City (Indrayanti Beach)

Indrayanti beach is one of the famous beaches of South Mountain, Yogyakarta. The beach is interesting because they have coastlines with white paris charming, as far as the eye could see white sand and clean placing.

Indrayanti beach located on the east side Sundak Beach, which limited the coral beach is one beach that serves different views than other beaches in Mountain South. Not only adorned with white sand, the coral, and the clear blue water as calling traveler to plunge into it, Indrayanti Beach also features a row of restaurants and cafes and hotels that will pamper tourists. Praise be to God (Subhanallah), because of that beautifull, Indrayanti Beach became “Dreamline” of Yogyakarta city which was one of the pride of the province of Central Java.

Unlike the other beaches are quite dirty, Indrayanti visible along the shoreline clean and free from rubbish. This is because managers do not hesitate to drop a fine of Rp. 10,000 for each camper garbage indiscriminately. Therefore, the beach Indrayanti be a comfortable place to visit.

Did you know that Indrayanti beach named “Pulang Syawal Beach” originally. Indrayanti, actually not the name of the beach, but the name of the cafe and restaurant owners. But Indrayanti’s name is more famous than Pulang Syawal. At that time, the beach is not as yet known indrayanti by tourists. Until finally came someone named Mrs. Indrayanti with her husband and set up a cafe called cafe Indrayanti. He publishes the café through the virtual world. At first this beach known by foreign tourists, until it became known by domestic citizens. Since that moment, Pulang Syawal Beach popular with the name Indrayanti beach.

To visit Indrayanti Coast, can be reached from Yogyakarta to access Wonosari Road. Upon arrival in Kota Wonosari, can directly lead guided tours of the board can easily be found. Indrayani beach located at Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Around 2.5 hours to travel from City Yogja


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